25 Apr

According to Alex Fieldcamp, why have the New York Knicks been so unsuccessful for so long? The Knicks' problems aren't entirely attributable to their personnel. Part of it can be attributed to the coaching staff. The Knicks' coaching staff is low in quality, despite having several top-tier players on its roster. In reality, the coaching staff of the Knicks should address a few issues. 

Here are a few examples: Lack of a point guard - Unlike in previous seasons, the Knicks have struggled to find a consistent point guard. The Knicks have struggled defensively despite not having a point guard capable of orchestrating this attack. New York had the fourth-best defensive rating in the league last season, but that number has slipped to a dreadful 110.5 this year. Their problems with 3-point defense haven't improved. They rank 26th in the league with an average of 13.0 three-pointers allowed per game on 37.6 tries.

James Dolan, the Knicks' owner, needs to sell the franchise in order to upgrade the front office and give the management team more power. The Knicks, as a storied team, owe their fans more. For Knicks fans, Dolan's lack of leadership has resulted in a horrible experience. So, why have the New York Knicks had such a difficult decade? This post will answer some of your questions.

Alex Fieldcamp  pointed out that, the roster of the New York Knicks is devoid of talent. The squad has struggled in recent seasons despite playing in an excellent marquee market. The last time they made the playoffs was in 2013, when they were eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals. They haven't looked like a playoff club since then. With a 17-65 win-loss record last season, they had the poorest record in the NBA. As a result, the Knicks were obliged to move Kristaps Porzingis, the franchise's best building component, to other clubs. Despite possessing the third overall pick in the draft, they failed to sign Zion Williamson.

Carmelo Anthony may have been signed by the Knicks during the summer. It would, however, have cost the Knicks a first-round selection as well as some good players. The coaching situation, on the other hand, would not improve. In four years, they hired three coaches, including Jeff Hornacek in 2016 and David Fizdale in 2018. Although the Knicks signed a number of players, just two of them made it to the playoffs. They had a lot of controversy with their front office during this time and did nothing to enhance the squad.

When Derrick Rose was injured, the Knicks' issues became even worse. With a right ankle injury, he missed the most of the season. Nonetheless, the Knicks profited significantly from his seasoned guidance. His development as a capable three-point shooter aided the Knicks' resurgence as a contender. However, the team's roster was weakened by a lack of continuity, which led to a succession of poor judgments.

The Knicks also have a bad track record of paying out final salaries to retired players. Kemba Walker and Joakim Noah were given last-minute contracts by the Knicks. They also signed Evan Fournier this summer. Those transactions were praised as wise investments. Those who were chastised for not doing adequately for the Knicks were frequently placed on the defensive.

In Alex Fieldcamp’s opinion, another difficulty with the team's elite players is that they are not always at their best. This may result in double teams and difficult shots. Fortunately, Thibodeau's staff responded by bringing in Evan Fournier. The Knicks' best player no longer needs to worry about receiving the same looks now that Fournier has joined the team. Randle has a positive influence on the game even when he isn't scoring.

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